Katie, Kimberly and Ashley at the Donelson Y
Katie, Kimberly and Ashley at the Donelson Y
Katie, Kimberly and Ashley, left to right, credit each other for staying committed to healthy living.

Katie, Kimberly and Ashley met at the Donelson-Hermitage Family Y in a group fitness class. The moms have five children among them and praise Y-Play and Youth Activity Center for giving them the freedom to work out.

The group takes a variety of classes together including Dance Blast, kickboxing, Pilates and BODYPUMP. Katie says group fitness classes with her friends keep her accountable. “Ever since I’ve started taking group exercise, I feel like I get a better workout than why I try to go it alone.”

Katie says her kids want to come to the Y. “The kids ask to go to YAC every day in the summer. It’s much easier to come to gym.”

Ashley understands that sentiment as both a mom and a Y-Play employee. And she knows she better make it to class. “Katie is my accountability partner. If I don’t show up, she messages me and asks where I was. Or she’ll pop in at Y-Play when she knows I am working and question my absence.”

Kimberly, who is new to the area, agrees. “I push myself harder. We are brand new to the area. I jumped into the Y to make friends and make a workout schedule.”

Better Together

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