Mister Charles in fitness class
Mister Charles in fitness class
Mr. Charles, back left, enjoys fitness classes like this one, where he enjoys community as he exercises.

When Mr. Charles joined the Clarksville Area YMCA eight years ago, he was not particularly fond of group exercise classes. He simply came to the center and completed his workout.

“I needed to exercise for health reasons. I had diabetes and had gone blind twice," he says.

Flash forward to 2019, and Mr. Charles is a fitness class fixture, with his favorites being Silver Sneakers classes, yoga, and barre.

"After being at the Clarksville Y for almost eight years, my health has improved; I’m not on any medications now," he says, with a giggle, "That’s not too bad for an 89-year-old."

Additionally, Mr. Charles walks two miles before coming to the Y each and every day. He also still makes time to work on his farm growing corn and beans. Not bad for an 89-year-old, indeed.

He says he loves coming to the Y to see and interact with everyone, including the staff and the group ex instructors. And we certainly love seeing Mr. Charles!