ABC: Wendy Regains Strength After Treatment

Wendy survived breast cancer. But getting back to her active lifestyle after diagnoses and treatment was a struggle. She credits the After Breast Cancer program for helping her get back what cancer stole.

“For two years after my double mastectomy and reconstruction, I lived with almost no exercise. I lost most of my muscle tone from inactivity," Wendy said.

She was hesitant to begin anew. “I’d wanted to start exercising again, but wasn’t sure which exercises were safe. Having a trainer who had experience working with breast cancer survivors was a Godsend!”

Regaining Strength

A highlight for Wendy, was the group’s time with Pink Ribbon Certified Personal Trainer Jennifer Cshan. “She’s an incredible trainer and took the time to make sure each person in the class was getting the most of their time,” she said.

Wendy was re-energized. “Seeing my body start to change and having more strength and energy was my ‘ah-ha’ moment. “I absolutely loved the ABC program.”

The ABC Sisterhood

Wendy says she bonded with the other ladies in her class. “Even though we all had different diagnoses and had experienced different challenges throughout our cancer journeys, we shared the bond of being survivors. It was a great comfort to be able to talk to each other.”

Support ABC

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