The upcoming holidays are a balancing act. Between work, holiday shopping, traveling, and spending extra time with family and friends, it can be a challenge to juggle everything we have to do. Achieving that balance takes discipline and hard work. 

The same is true for our bodies. Improving our physical balance and coordination through exercise requires lots of practice, but the payoff is big—and it affects more aspects of our lives than we realize. Good balance is directly connected to having a strong core, which leads to better posture and makes other forms of exercise and even simple daily activities easier to perform. We don't really notice our balance may be poor until a fall or injury—which occur more often as we get older. So why not work on it now—in a fun group exercise class that suits your style?

Find balance at the Y

Check out our best picks for balance and coordination group fitness classes inspired by all sorts of disciplines. Whether you fancy yourself a ballerina, a yogi, or an athlete, you're bound to find a class you enjoy in the bunch. Our basic yoga class is one great place to start. Learn more by clicking the video below.

Stumped about how to balance exercise with life's demands during this busy holiday season? We're here to help. Learn more about the wellness support resources the Y provides to help our members achieve harmony in spirit, mind and body.