Q: What can I do in online account management?

A: Online account management allows you to sign up for programs, change your billing information, edit your contact information and keep track of your account information.

Q: I am not a Y member, but I want to sign up for Y programs. How do I do that online?

A: To sign up for programs, you'll first need to create a YMCA online account. When setting up your account, first select your branch, then choose the "non-member" account type if you wish to purchase programs without becoming a full-facility member.

Q: I was once a Y member, but I have since rejoined and need to set up an online account. How do I do that?

A: If your Y information is up-to-date with your center, then you will need to sync your online account. Have either your membership ID or your last name, date of birth and zip code handy, and click here to get started.

Q: I was once a Y member, but I would like to rejoin online. How do I do that?

A: Contact your local Y to rejoin to update your information, then get started with online account registration.

Q: Can I add members to my account or change my membership type?

A: Members can modify their membership type by visiting their local Y.

Q: Can I make modifications to my draft date?

A: You can update your payment method in Online Account Management, but to change your draft date you must stop by your local Y.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have any other questions

A: Contact us at 615-742-7332 (weekdays 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.), fill out our online account setup form or visit your local Y to get help setting up your account. We do not recommend setting up a new account, as this will create a duplicate record that will not be associated with your existing account.