With all of the changes in our world today, it can be easy to feel stagnant and hard to get motivated. If you need a jump start this fall to help you identify what changes you can make in your life and provide accountability to help you grow, then Journey to Freedom is worth checking out.

Journey to Freedom is an eight-week virtual small group, offering a safe and encouraging place for participants to step out of contemplating change and into real action. With honest dialogue directed towards laying a foundation for change, Journey to Freedom creates a common language so that all can share without fear of judgment.

Perspective of a participant

Recent participant, Faith Walls, said joining Journey to Freedom was one of the best decisions she’s made all year. When she started the group back in February, she had little idea what 2020 would hold. She credits her experience in the group with keeping her mentally strong throughout the pandemic. Check out our Q&A with Faith below.


Q: Why did you join a small group at the Y?

“I’m relatively new to Nashville having moved from a small town in Texas about eight months before the group started. I decided to join the group because my best friend shared her experiences and successes after having been a part of Journey to Freedom. I liked the idea of having a set time weekly, monthly, etc. to do some personal and professional work, so I decided to join.”

Q: What impact did the Journey to Freedom group make in your life?

“Honestly, my Journey to Freedom group was very supportive. They were kind, and I felt like everyone was truly there to find freedom in some area. I felt safe to have difficult conversations and we found joy laughing and crying together. I am sure that choosing to be in Journey to Freedom at the beginning of 2020 was one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. After all, I didn’t know what turn this year would take. Since Journey to Freedom, I have made it a point to participate in similar workshops and small groups since March in order to keep the momentum of personal and spiritual growth going.”

Q: Would you recommend this group to others right now? Why or why not?

“I would totally recommend this group now. The small group size was a plus, and the topics are just as impactful via Zoom. My group’s last meeting was on Zoom because the country had been shut down due to the pandemic. I truly believe that it was because of my participation in the group immediately prior to mid-March that my mental health has been stable during the Covid-19 crisis. Being a part of a Journey to Freedom group now would help to reframe your experiences despite what is going on in the world and give you space to create a plan for becoming free in areas that you absolutely have control over. Participating would also give you an opportunity to meet some really nice people.”


Benefits to being in the group

Journey to Freedom focuses on:

  • Understanding the true nature of hope
  • Recognizing and responding in a healthy way to your feelings
  • Silencing the inner critic, learning self-love and overcoming toxic shame
  • Identifying healthy relationships
  • Grieving unresolved and unspoken loss
  • Healing the past and seeing new possibilities for the future
  • Finding connection and universality in the human experience
  • Creating a Plan of Change to help move forward

Does this sound like something you need in your life right now? If so, then sign up today! Space is limited for this 8-week commitment that starts on Tuesday, September 15th from 6-7:30 p.m. Find out more and register at https://www.restoresmallgroups.org/join-a-group.